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Shredded mozzarella, artichokes, marinated portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, imported italian plum tomatoes, fire roasted red peppers, arugula, shaved parmesan reggiano, fresh lemon, unfiltered olive oil

Meat:Prosciutto +$2Salami +$2Roasted Chicken +$1.50Sweet Italian Sausage +$1.50Cup and Char Pepperoni +$1.50Smoked Salmon +$2Ham +$1.50Meatballs +$1.50
Vegetables:Arugula +$1.50Red Onions +$1.50Green Olives +$1.50Cherry Peppers +$1.50Fire Roasted Garlic +$1.50Caramelized Onions +$1.50Sun Dried Tomatoes +$1.50Fresh Sliced Tomatoes +$1.50Whole Plum Tomatoes +$1.50Calabrian Hot Peppers +$1.50Fire Roasted Red Peppers +$1.50Artichokes +$1.50Marinated Portobello +$1.50Mushrooms +$1.50Pineapples +$1.50Black Olives +$1.50

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